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Grooming can be a traumatic experience for dogs. Most dogs don't like baths, or going to the groomer. At Paws, we believe that doesn't have to be the case! We want your dog to have a positive, even relaxing grooming experience. To ensure this happens, we let the dogs set the pace. If a dog is getting stressed out, we let them take breaks. We don't have a quota of dogs we expect to get groomed every day, so we don't rush. When you drop your dog off for grooming there is no set pick up time. We will text you 20 minutes before your dog will be done, and then you can come pick up. However, this can mean your dog might take longer than expected if he/she is stressed out, or if the dog before your dog took longer. Please be patient, and know we are working to make sure every dog has a great time getting groomed! 

I believe in a natural approach to grooming, so we groom with a line of all natural shampoos to prevent skin irritation and keep the chemicals away from your fur baby! We also offer oatmeal, aloe, and de-shed baths. Our shampoos are soap free, cruelty free and 100% biodegradable. 

After grooming, your dog will be sent home with a report card and homemade treats! 

Groomer Bios


Holley has known she wanted to work with dogs in some way since she was a kid. After high school she took a job as a bather and knew grooming was going to be her career path. She finds great joy in transforming a dog from fuzzy to fabulous. Holley has been grooming at Paws since the fall of 2018 and helped us expand our grooming business with her knowledge of the industry. She has a lab mix and mini dachshund and hopes to add golden retriever to her pack one day soon. Her hobbies include kayaking, boating and hanging out with her husband. 

Holley is a graduate of Paragon School of Pet Groomings Groom Tech and Pet Stylist programs. Holley is Paws lead groomer. She is passionate about stress free grooming and humanity over vanity. She will always put the dogs needs and comfort first. One of her many goals at Paws is to have the best groomed doodles in Holland! 


Abby has been working with dogs in some capacity since she was a teenager. She has done everything from working as a bather at a grooming salon to working in a specialty retail dog store. At Paws, Abby is our Jack (or Jackie!) of all trades, with experience in several aspects of Paws in the City. She has worked at reception, in daycare now grooming. Her hobbies include taking her dogs to compete in agility shows, sheep herding and anything else dog related. 

Abby is a graduate of Paragon School of Pet Groomings Groom Tech and Pet Stylist programs. Abby is a level 1 groomer with extra experience in bath/brush dogs. Abby has 3 Border Collies and a Papillon and has been grooming her dogs as long as they've been with her. Therefore it makes sense that grooming collies, labs, retrievers, huskies and other bath/brush dogs are her favorites. 


Groomer Qualifications At Paws

What does it mean that your groomer is a level 1, 2, or 3 stylist? This isn't universal at all pet grooming salons, but here's what our levels mean at Paws! 

Level 1 Groomer: A level 1 groomer has completed Paragons Groom Tech and Pet Stylist Program and has been grooming dogs for 0-3 years.

Level 2 Groomer: A level 2 groomer has demonstrated mastery of level 1 and been grooming dogs for 3-6 years. A level 2 groomer will have completed at least one continuing education credit per year while employeed at Paws and attended at least one grooming expo. 

Level 3 Groomer: A level 3 groomer has demonstrated mastery of levels 1 + 2 and been grooming dogs for 6+ years. A level 3 groomer will have completed at least one continuing education credit per year while employed at Paws and is committed to attending one grooming expo per year. 

Lead Groomer: A lead groomer has demonstrated mastery of levels 1,2, +3All groomers employed at Paws report directly to the lead groomer and the lead groomer is responsible for mentoring other groomers. The lead groomer is committed to continued education and keeping up with the latest styles, trends and tools in the quickly changing grooming industry.

Grooming Prices

Prices vary depending on the size and condition of the dog. Each dog will need an evaluation by our groomer to give exact price. Below are our ESTIMATES for grooming services. 

Please navigate to the customer portal tab to make grooming reservations! 

Walk in Nail Trim: $8-12

Walk in nail trims are available between 8:00am-11:30am and 1pm-2:30pm Monday-Friday

Full Grooming Service

Every grooming services includes:

  • complimentary blueberry facial for every dog

  • nail trim 

  • ears cleaned with natural ear cleaner 

  • bath (no extra charge if you would like oatmeal bath, just ask)

  • brush

  • cut 

  • sprits of doggy cologne that compliments the shampoo scent to help the clean dog smell last!  


Small Dog: $30-45

Medium Dog: $45-50

Large Dog: $55 and up  

Add on services available: 


Nail file: $4

Teeth Brushing: $5 

Paw Massage and Repair: $5

Anal Glands: $5

Grooming dogs will be kept separate from daycare dogs unless they have an application and vet records on file. This is for the health of all dogs who come to our facility. If your dog is not able to play in the daycare, we do our best to allow them to be outside of a crate, but that isn't always available due to the number of dogs we groom. Our primary goal is to keep all dogs healthy and happy!! 

All grooming dogs need to arrive 5 minutes before their schedule appointment time in order to discuss instructions and haircut preferences with staff. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late there will be a $15 late fee IF we are able to fit your dog in.

Navigate to the customer portal tab to make grooming reservations! 

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