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About Paws

Our dogs Cooper and Maple are family. Lets be serious, I need that shirt that says, "My dog owns the house, I just pay the mortgage." I wouldn't leave my dogs with anyone who wouldn't treat them like family, and I don't expect you to either. When you leave your dog with us at Paws in the City, he or she will become my extended family!  


We've put thought into every detail to make your dogs experience the best it can be. Our facility has rubber floors for extra padding and traction while the pack plays. Salt lamps, diffusers, and live plants are placed through the facility making the air quality better and cleaner. Our outdoor area has a six foot tall fence, with the gate padlock closed, to ensure safety at all times. There are separate play areas to accommodate temperament, energy level and size. Pups having a safe and fun experience is our first priority!

I believe in following the dogs lead, so we don't have set schedules. Your dog, with the pack, will set the pace for the day. If Fido is tired, we will let him rest, if not he can play all day. Dogs are naturally pack animals, and they can figure out their place in the pack pretty quickly. We will always supervise to make sure your fur baby is safe. 

Paws in the City is a Boutique Dog Daycare. We have more required vaccines than most daycares, and a zero tolerance policy for aggression. Not all dogs are daycare dogs; but all dogs are good dogs! For some its simply to stimulating of an environment. 

You will notice on our daycare page, there is one set fee. If your dog needs feeding during the day, medicines, or any specialized care, its all included, along with unlimited cuddles! 


Your pup will leave Paws in the City every day with a homemade, all natural dog treat and personal report card so you know how your dog spent their day

About the Owner... 

My name is Tracy VanOpstall and my husband (Dave) and I own Paws in the City. Ever since I was a young child, I remember loving animals. We always had a dog growing up, and I can't imagine my life without animals.  One of my favorite memories is of my first dog Jeremiah, following me onto the school bus one morning. That dog just didn't want to be apart from his human, and I wanted to take him to school so badly! A life long friend recently told me, "ever since you were a little girl and I saw you playing with your dog, I knew one day you were going to be working with animals." I've always said that when I get to heaven its going to be my job to take care of the animals. So after 22 years in retail, I decided it was time to take a leap of faith and take care of animals here on earth before I get to heaven! The daycare is my baby, and I'm there full time. Dave works in the non profit sector and offers me endless love and support in this adventure, and pops in to say hi to the dogs from time to time! 

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