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Our four legged friends are part of our family and they deserve a day full of fun, love, and best buddies! At Paws in the City, we promise to provide the best in doggie daycare so you can go about your day absolutely worry free.

Welcome to our 5,000+sq. foot puppy paradise! We aim to spoil your pooch with our indoor fun and friendly space, our on-site grooming station, and our 1400 sq foot outdoor area.

Our dog is a family member, and we will treat your fur baby like family too! That means: rubber floors for extra cushion while playing, salt lamps and plants for better air quality, and young living essentials oils pet line diffusing for positive doggy attitudes all day long!

Your dog will play in one of our 4 play areas all day. We don't have scheduled crate time, we let the dogs play as they wish. Some little dogs like to play with the big dogs, and some don't. We have separate areas for those little dogs who want to just play with others their size. 

We don't use kids playground equipment, since it isn't designed for dogs and can be slippery; instead we use KLIMBS that are specially designed for dogs to play on! Kimbs are easy to sanitize, and as enrichment equipment, provide a more mentally stimulating environment.  Klimbs can also be used for agility and training, and are available for purchase from Paws in the City. Check out for fun videos and more info! 




The daycare is open from 7am-6pm Monday-Friday. Paws is closed Saturdays, Sundays and all major holidays. Drop offs are from 7am-1pm. (Please no drop offs after 1pm)  You can just drop in with your pup, but its best to ensure your spot by making a reservation request online. (see button below) We will put a cap on the number of dogs to ensure good quality care. I don't want 60 dogs running around with only 2 humans. That's not a safe, fun environment for doggos or humans!

Half days are up to 5 hours. The last drop off time for a half day is 1pm, that way you can pick up your pooch by 6pm. 


Navigate to the customer portal tab to make daycare and grooming reservations, check credit balances, upload vet records and more! 



Your pups first visit at dog day care is always free. Dog day care isn't for every dog, and we want to make sure your dog is a good fit for this environment. (first free visit for local residents of greater Holland area only) 

Full Day                         $26

Half day (up to 5 hrs)     $16


Full day packages are available for purchase. Days can be used at your leisure and do not have to be used consecutively. Packages must be purchased for either full or half days (cannot split full days into half, or use two half for a full day)


Packages are non-refundable, but they do not expire!  

Full Day Package Pricing: 

5 day    $115  (save 11%)              

10 day  $230  (save 15%)   

15 day  $315  (save 19%)      

Half Day Package Pricing

5 half days   $71    (save 11%)

10 half days  $136   (save 15%)

15 half days  $195   (save 19%)

Think your pup will be a regular but don't want to buy a package? Ask for a frequent visitor card to earn free days at the day care! Every 10th visit is FREE!! (Frequent visitor card cannot be combined with packages) 

Dogs picked up after 6:05 will be charged a late fee of $15. Dogs picked up after 6:15 will be charged a late fee of $1 per minute. 


We do not offer boarding at this location. I would never leave my dog in a building overnight where there are no people, and don't expect you to either.  

We have the names of some great people (some are employees) who will stay at your house with your pup. Let us know if you need more information.  


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