Rules to Play...

Safety is our number one priority at Paws in the City. Cooper and Maple are my fur babies, and I'd be devastated if anything ever happened to one of them. Here are some rules to ensure every pup is kept safe, happy, and healthy while playing with the pack! 

  • All dogs must have an application and health records on file before their first day at daycare. Scroll down to fill out your application. 

  • Dogs must be at least 16 weeks old and have basic potty training 

  • Dogs over 9 months old must be fixed 

  • Dogs must be in good overall health, free of ticks, fleas and be up to date on vaccines. No communicable condition with in the last 30 days 

  • We require: rabies, distemper, kennel cough and canine influenza vaccinations. 

  • Dogs cannot be possessive of toys or space (must play well with others!) No aggressive dogs

  • We discourage barking at the daycare. Some barking while playing is normal, but dogs can play with out excessive barking. If your dog is a barker, that's fine, but we will help teach Fido to keep quiet and play with nice manners!  

  • First day of daycare is free for local residents of greater Holland area only! 

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