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Paws in the City offers basic obedience training for your four legged friend! We partner with Macatawa Dog Training, who rents our building to hold group classes. Our training sessions work best if your dog has already been through Macatawa's Basic Obedience class, but that's not 100% necessary. 

Working on training while your dog is in a daycare facility provides a high distraction environment. If we can get your dog to listen to commands while at daycare you have a much greater chance of your dog listening to you at home! However practice is KEY for good behavior. You will not notice a huge difference if you don't work with your dog at home in conjunction with training sessions. 

The specifics... 

-we offer basic obedience, tricks, and intro to agility training. We don't do anything with behavioral/aggressive issues. If you are wondering if we work on something specific, just email and we are happy to discuss further. 

-we provide treats your dog needs for motivation during training. We have a variety of options if your dog has specific dietary restrictions 

-we provide a detailed report card and explanation of what the trainer worked with your dog on during the session

-tips and guidance for you to continue working with your dog at home

-video clips of your dogs training session 

-20 minute training sessions are $25. Most dogs are mentally exhausted after 20 minutes, this is about as long as we can get them to pay attention! 

How Do I Sign Up? 

If your dog is a daycare regular, you can add a training session to your daycare reservation when you sign up through the portal. We will take your dog out for a 20 minute training session while they are at daycare. With some dogs we have had success doing two 10 minute training sessions, it depends on each individual dog! When you sign up on the portal there are three questions we would like you to answer so we know what you'd like us to work with your dog on. 

If your dog isn't a daycare regular we can still offer training sessions. Just send us an email and we would be happy to set up a training time that works for you! 

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